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Thursday, September 2, 2010


The coupons have been reset at coupon.com, which means if you had reached your limit on coupons, you can go and print some more.


lori said...

Which stores offer double coupons? And what's the limit...$.50? I thought Kroger did but I don't know how to spot that on the receipt. And also how do u determine what the better deal is betweena store brand and name brand?

Saving with CC said...

Kroger and Schnucks double. Kroger up to 60 cents and Schnucks up to 55 cents. The double part of the coupon will show up as bonus coupon. ie 50 cents off toilet paper bonus coupon 50 cents. If I can get the store brand cheaper, for the same amount of product and the quality is just as good, I will go with the store brand every time. What you have to watch is the ounces, feet, per/lb etc. For example, if I am going to buy soup and the store brand is 75 cents a can, but the name brand is $1 a can and I have a 25 cents off coupon then I am going with the name brand because that means I save 50 cents on the name brand after my coupon has doubled.
Also, try and always watch when your coupons are being deducted to make sure your they are doubling. Target is bad about the coupons not scanning.
Hope this helps and sorry it took so long to answer, was busy yesterday.