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Saving money is what everyone is trying to do these days and I have found ways to save money with coupons. I have discovered by reading blogs and facebook posts on how to maximize your coupons that you clip. Follow me and I'll help you save money. I always say "It's not about what you spend, it's about what you save!"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wheat Thins

Like Wheat Thins on facebook and get a coupon for $1 off a box. CVS has these this week 10/$10 with a CVS card. All you have to pay is the tax. You should be able to print this coupon twice.

Useful Information

While flipping thru my AllYou Magazine today, I noticed an article on meat safety, thought I would share with you. If you have defrosted meat and couldn't cook it that day, go to stilltasty.com and it will tell you the length of time you can eat foods without worry. Just a FYI.

Free Spin Magazine

Sign up for a free year of Spin Magazine. I get magazines every day and don't pay for one subscription.

Free Freebies Giveaway

Like Free Freebies on facebook and you are entered for a chance. Refer friends and if they win, so do you!

Gain Dishwashing Liquid

Don't forget to go to Gain's facebook page at 11:00

Grandma Bowsers Dog Cookies

This one is for the dogs. Hurry these samples are limited.

Gain Dishwashing Liquid

Don't forget at 11:00 Central Time, Gain will be giving away 5,000 bottles of dishwashing liquid. These will go fast so get ready!

Jolee Jewelry House Party

This is for the crafters in us. Jolee is sponsoring a House Party Have you ever wished there was an easy way to create jewelry that is perfect for you? With Jolee’s™ Jewels, anyone can make unforgettable jewelry. Whether you and your friends are jewelry-making beginners or experts, creating beautiful jewelry with Jolee’s™ Jewels is sophisticated fun for everyone. So, invite your friends over and see what jewelry you can make.

Haunted House Party

Haunted House Party sponsored by Tombstone, click on the link for the details. Apply and see if you get to host one.

House Party

Want to host a party for coffee lovers? Apply to House Party and you may be chosen.

Free Energizer Batteries

Free for the first 30,000 to "Like" Energizer on facebook.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rewards programs

Did you know that several corporations have rewards programs. Stouffers, Coca Cola, Disney and Huggies, just to name a few. The code to the Stouffers is inside the box, collect these and redeem them for items such as pot holders, coupons for free products, etc. Coca Cola's rewards are in the cap of bottle drinks and inside the carton of 24 packs and 12 packs. I have been collecting these points for some time now and almost have enough for a free rental car for a day. I'll research and find some more you can sign up for. You're gonna eat and drink, you might as well save those points for rewards!

Free Dr. Pepper at Murphy Oil

"Like" Murphy Oil on facebook and they will email you a coupon for a free Dr. Pepper. Murphy Oil is the gas station in front of WalMart's.

B1G1 free Coupon for Lean Cuisine

Like Lean Cuisine on facebook and get a B1G1 free coupon, you can hit resend and print two.

County Bobs Sauce

Try Country Bobs Sauce for free.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Redplum Coupons

Redplum has released some new coupons in the last day, don't forget to go and check them out.

$1 Downy Coupon

Here's a $1 coupon on Downey, everyone loves Downey.

House Party

Did you know you could sign up to host sponsored House Parties by various companies? House Party offers a variety of parties to sign up for. The package you receive to have the party varys by sponser. Go and sign up for one, it will be fun.

Free Bic Pens

It's almost 11, don't forget to get your free Bic Easy Glide Pen.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday Coupon Inserts

I have added a new link to my coupon sites. It is the Sunday Coupon Inserts links. You can click on this link and find out what inserts will be in each Sunday's paper. This Sunday there will be 3 inserts, Redplum, P&G Savers, and SmartSource. I would buy at least two of each paper to maximize your savings. You never know when a B1G1 deal will come along.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stacking Coupons

Stacking coupons is when you have a mfg coupon and a store coupon.  When you go to the store and have both of these coupons, always give the cashier all of your mfg coupon first, then the store coupons.  For example if you have a mfg coupon for peanut butter (not using brand names) for 75 cents and a store coupon for the same brand of peanut butter for 50 cents it will deduct $1.25 from your purchase.  I try to match up my store coupons with my mfg coupons to maximize my savings.  Another good tip is to make sure you get credit for all of your coupons, there is no way I have time to add them all up before I get to the check out, but I make sure I have all my items on the counter and even if it means the cashier has to wait a minute, I watch as each one of my coupons is scanned.  Another way is to hand the coupons over to the cashier one at a time.  Just don't get distracted and let them miss one or two of them, it's easy to get distracted, that's why I was thankful when my granddaughter went back to school, now my full attention is on my purchases.
Hope this helps.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

$1 DiGiorno Pizza Coupon

coupons.com has a coupon for $1 off any Deep Dish Pizza, this includes individual sizes that are on sale a lot for $2.

More Saving Rite Aid and CVS

I buy 2 or 3 Sunday papers,and I get them from the internet. Go to coupons.com, cellfire.com, shortcuts.com, p&gsavers.com. This was just one store I went today.

I went to CVS and got two Axe Detailers for body wash and a box of bandaid...s for $1.10. I saved $13.78.

I went to Rite Aid and got the following: Cheer 40 oz, two Schick Xtreme Razors (4 count disposable n each pack), Irish Spring Body Wash, Clorox Green Works Cleaner, two Purex 3 in one 20 Loads for $4.43. I saved $33.25.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walgreen's Trip 8-25-10

Today I went to Walgreen's to see what bargains I could find.  Boy did I find a few.  They had Airwick Freshmatic dispensers marked to $3.99 and I had 4 - $4.00 coupons, needless to say I bought 4 of them.  I made 4 cents on these items.  I bought two 6 oz cans of almonds on sale w/Walgreen's coupon 2/$4 plus I had 2 - $1 coupons making my total for these $2.  I bought 2 Pledge MultiSurface Spray Cleaners, I had a B1G1 free coupon on these plus a 75 cent  coupon making my total for two of these $2.75.  Before coupons my total was $28.95 after coupons $6.70 plus tax.  My savings $22.25