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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to start couponing.

I get asked all the time how do you get started. The first thing you have to do is decide that you really want to coupon and set aside at least one hour a week to clip and organize your coupons.

The next step is gathering your coupons, and after they are gathered, then you have to decide how you want to carry them and how you want them organized. My coupons are in a large zip up three ring binder in photo album pages. They are arranged according to the store I shop at the most which is Kroger on Interstate Blvd. in Southaven. I can walk thru the store in about 30 minutes looking for bargains and closeouts that aren't put on the closeout section. When I see an item, I flip to the section for that product and find my coupon.

I have seen people use envelopes, accordian files made for coupons, larger accordian files and files organized A-Z, and if that works for you, then go with that approach.

When I get my papers on Sunday (I buy 4) I sit down at night while I'm watching TV and cut them out or put them in a bag for swapping with other people. Then I organize them by food, personal items, cleaning, make up and medicine. Then I organize these divisions by produce, meat, bread, pastas and rices, canned goods (fruit, then veg) coffees and teas, frozen items, snack items and beverages, and dairy products. (I keep my coffee and tea separate from beverages because they are at the first of the store and my beverages are closer to the end.)

Then I put them in my book, I find the more I handle these coupons the more aware of what coupons I have so I don't have to wonder if I have a coupon or not, I just know I either have it or don't.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

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